Therapy Transforms


Therapy for children & young people

Parents and carers bring their children and young people to see me often because of un-characteristic changes in their child’s attitude or behaviour, either at home or school. They have tried everything and are exhausted with worry, feel helpless and fear their child or teenager will only get worse. Family life is suffering, and the future is beginning to look bleak.


My area of expertise lies in early attachment behaviour and many of my adult clients find this useful because our relationship issues or ways of relating stem from our childhood and early family life. Our beliefs and values often come from a deep place rooted in our early life experiences and events.

Foster care & adoption

I provide therapy for fostered and adopted children and young people, and foster carers, and am currently working with a well-known fostering agency and local adoption services provider.  If this is of interest, please get in touch.


Providing counselling to children and young people, as well as adults, to manage their grief. Many of my clients have appreciated the counselling sessions a few months after the loss of their loved ones when they feel they can no longer speak to their family and friends as they have ‘moved on’ while the one grieving is still living with the loss.