Therapy Transforms


Therapy for children  & Young people

Usually words and behaviour are clues to what’s going on behind the scenes, in our inner thoughts and feelings. An event or experience, or series of them, may have dislodged or triggered something inside.

Through talk and play and our developing relationship, I try to help the child or young person understand that whatever ‘the problem’ is, the problem is the problem and not them. Together we can try to unravel what’s happening to the child or young person’s world to understand better how they see and experience the world around them. Usually something in their internal world isn’t making sense in relation to their outside world or vice versa.

Sometimes others or events can trigger a feeling or thought that feels familiar, which can sometimes work against us, if an issue or loss hasn’t been processed.

Supporting the parents or carers plays a large part in the child or young person’s therapy. In my experience, It’s essential to liaise and work with them as it’s very much a team effort. So my relationship with the parents is as important as the one I have with my young client.Thanks to our partners, you can find ties online to suit every preference and budget, from budget to top-of-the-range super stylish models.

Working with Parents/Carers

During the course of the sessions, I usually speak with parents at the half-way point of the agreed sessions and as they are nearing their end. It’s an important part of the process, to check in with you and gauge any changes that may be occurring. If appropriate and with the consent of your child or young person, you may be asked to join a session and as much notice as possible will be given to make this possible. 

How many sessions?

This is difficult to predict, but I recommend a minimum of twelve sessions. This provides an opportunity to progress at the child or young person’s pace and for the relationship and trust to grow, which are equally important to the therapy.

Therapy for adults

The person we are today is not only shaped by our personality but also our experiences. My area of expertise lies in early attachment behaviour and I am passionate about supporting adults, to improve the way they connect with each other.   This also involves helping clients to navigate the difficulties that ‘loss’ imposes on a close relationship and how to process the stages of grief.

Because our early life unconsciously shapes how we relate to others in our adult relationships, I bring this perspective into my work with people, so they can understand more about their personal patterns and how to become more effective in living.  It’s been proven that our brains are ‘elastic’ and not fixed, so we can change our thoughts and thinking if we want to, and even more so with the help and support of others. Sometimes all it takes is a word…or two, and our thinking can change in a heartbeat. The earlier the help, the sooner we save ourselves from a lot of head and heartache.

What I can help with

Anxiety ● Relationships ● Stress ● Work-related issues ● Bereavement ● Foster carer support.